MDA400 QD Series

Contact Centre

Connects To:
  • Part Number:
    207414-05: MDA480 QD
    207414-06: MDA490 QD

Quality customer conversations are important to every company’s bottom line. MDA400 QD Series advanced audio processors, combined with Plantronics compatible headsets, increase the quality of customer engagements by enabling customer service representatives to seamlessly answer calls from both desk phones and softphones with minimal background noise and improved audio clarity. This solution also supports detailed analytics provided by Plantronics Manager Pro, a software-as-a-service that is sold separately. Together, compatible Plantronics headsets, MDA400 QD series audio processors and Plantronics Manager Pro help your company maximize efficiency and deliver the best customer experience possible.

  • Compatible and adaptable
    - Allows customer service representatives to take calls on desk phones or softphones
    - Supports Plantronics standard QD headsets, Plantronics digital QD headsets and Y- training cables
    - Two variants are available: MDA480 QD for Plantronics standard QD headsets and MDA490 QD for Plantronics digital QD headsets
    - Easy to use in-line call controls
    - Superior noise and echo cancellation
    - Helps meet Noise at Work and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations
    - Backed by industry-leading Plantronics Customer Service
  • Greater insights with Plantronics Manager Pro
    - Track analytics and gain insights from both desk phones and softphones with Plantronics Manager Pro, software-as-a-service sold separately
    - Benefit from Plantronics technology that detects and reports on call events, revealing insights to help make operations run more efficiently
Technical specifications
  • Service and support
    2 year warranty
  • Package contents
    MDA480 QD:
    - MDA400 audio processor
    - DA80 in-line controller
    - Telephone interface cable
    - Product card
    - Warranty card
    MDA490 QD:
    - MDA400 audio processor
    - DA90 in-line controller
    - Telephone interface cable
    - Product card
    - Warranty card
  • EAN codes
    017229159914: MDA480 QD
    017229159921: MDA490 QD