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Integrating UC Audio Devices - It's All About Adoption

Plantronics understands audio devices and users diverse UC requirements. We have worked closely with thousands of customers and together we have acquired vast amounts of knowledge and expertise. As knowledge is meant to be shared, we have created the Plantronics UC Toolkit - a portfolio of customer experiences and lessons learned while integrating audio devices into a UC environment. The UC Toolkit is aligned around a common approach for integrating any new product or technology, namely - Trial, Plan, Deploy, Adopt, and Evolve. By leveraging the shared experiences of best practices, recommendations and insights plus off-the-shelf training tools, IT organizations can avoid unforeseen mistakes and greatly reduce the cost, time and effort of their organization's audio device UC integration.

Key IT Challenges in UC Audio Device Deployments

Support Jobs needs

Providing each employee with the right audio device for their specific functional job responsibilities

Support technical needs

Understanding muti-device capabilities and needs, as well as wireless audio device and office implications

Support organisation needs

Determining the right support coverage, process and tools to meet adoption goals and ongoing employee satisfaction

Support to reach your goals

Optimising ROI through high adoption and on-going employee satisfaction

Plantronics UC Toolkit

Validate Solution
Evaluate and prove the right UC audio device and technology for integrating to your companies UC platform

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