Plantronics to Acquire Polycom

Valued Partner,

For the last quarter century, Plantronics and Polycom have pursued parallel paths in the communications and collaboration industry. Plantronics built communications devices to bring people and their customers together through voice, while Polycom built voice and video solutions to help people collaborate.

As your customers invested in unified communications, Plantronics and Polycom extended their reach as people began moving fluidly between home, the office, the conference room, and the board room. Both companies developed clear competitive differentiation in their markets and were embraced by loyal customers. Many of you already sell products from both Plantronics and Polycom to complement the collaboration architectures of our alliance partners.

Plantronics vision has always been to create the collaboration gold-standard so that good ideas could be seen and heard – wherever, whenever and however they happen. To accelerate and expand our vision we are proud to announce the acquisition of Polycom.

Quite simply, it made sense to combine forces to create new business propositions for you and your customers. We see this as a path to a more efficient commercial engagement and a more integrated product and service portfolio.

This investment helps ensure your customers have systems that create richer experiences and amplify the power of the communication and collaboration architectures they deploy today. Together, we will solve their big problems around business productivity, architectural simplicity, and experience quality. Together, we will deliver a strategy that spans headsets, software, desktop phones, audio and video conferencing, analytics, and services.

I am excited about our future together.

Thank you for your business.


Joe Burton
President and Chief Executive Officer